We’re Going to Quebec! Are you?

OK, Let’s be honest.

When I first heard that Cameracraftsmen 2012 was changing from Paris to Quebec, I was not a happy camper. Actually, I pouted for about a month. What about the museums and the croissants, and the winding river through town, and the cute little men speaking French?

That’s about the time that Joseph and Louise Simone started going off about the glories of Quebec. The museums and the croissants and the river, and the cute little men speaking French.

And then Sally Rademacher phoned me after she, Greg, Joseph and Louise’s little scouting weekend in Quebec earlier this summer. I couldn’t get her to stop talking about all the great stuff we should do.

So I’m convinced. Quebec 2012 is going to be amazing. Almost better than Paris. Well, better, actually, if you consider the expense alone.  This is a photograph of the Chateau Frontenac, where we will be staying.

Over the next few months, I’ll be hosting on-line conversation (aka blog), to talk about the trip. It is June 17-22, 2012.  More news about that in the coming weeks….meanwhile, enjoy this image that Greg Rademacher captured in the hotel.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

Please say you’ll be there! Seriously.

Bon voyage, mes amis!
April Brandes

  1. Hi April, This first blog entry for the Quebec 2012 meeting looks great! Thanks for posting it. Jane and I look forward to getting more info about the meeting. Regards, Tom Curley

  2. William Branson III said:


    Dianne and I can not wait to go! I was there a few years back giving a program and fell in love with the city. It is like stepping back in time. It also has a lot of neat little shops. I have wonderful memories of the place and am looking forward to making new memories with my CCA family. This will be a trip many will not want to miss.

    William Branson III

    • Ken Whitmire said:

      Vi says, “No way can we miss this one.” I’ll come along.

      Ken Whitmire

  3. Tony Corbell said:

    You guys aren’t doing this without me.. I’ll be there… Need hotel info to book soon.. Thanks for the info, Tony

  4. Nous sommes impatients de Cameracraftsmen 2012 au Québec.

    Linda and I are excited about such a beautiful place to visit. I’m working on my French so we can talk to the waiters and locals. Last time I was in France, I wound up in Poland after asking directions.

    Au plaisir de vous voir tous à nouveau. Merci d’avril pour le blog.
    Aimez vos amis, David et Linda Smith

    • Kelly said:

      Merci, David!
      I don’t know much French, except “je ne parle pas du Francais tres bien.”
      We’re going to have so much fun this year. Don’t you think we need the fellowship more than ever as we experience the affects of the enormous transitions our profession – and our country – are going through?

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