Is this a Secret Blog or Something?

I hope this doesn’t come as a shock to any of you, but we spouses love our CCA trips each year as much as any of you bonifide members.

The problem at my house is that I pretty much haven’t been in the email/blog/internet loop on the other CCA trips. I admit that it’s probably my own fault, but I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for the other spouses who need to be kept up to date on the trip.

Can you take 2 minutes and get us your spouse’s email address or facebook contact so we can make sure he/she is part of the conversation?

I don’t want anyone to miss out on fun as we plan this amazing trip.

One Last Important Thing:
We have only 41 weeks until the trip!  My next blog will include a link so you can get your hotel reservations made.

J’adore Quebec:


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  1. Jane Curley said:

    Communication is EVERYTHING ! Looking forward to more details of the trip! Thanks April!

  2. Nice looking blog. Keep us posted on all the plans!!

  3. LaVelda Box said:

    I simply cannot wait to go back to Quebec! Doug and I took a foliage cruise to Quebec and the surrounding area a few years ago, and it was just beautiful! Can’t wait to see Quebec in the spring!

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