Wait until you see our hotel!

The Chateau Frontenac is over the top. The service is flawless. The rooms are incredible, and thanks to some great negotiating, the cost is far less than you’d ever guess. But rather than spoil all the fun, we will let the details be a surprise for you when you get to the hotel.  Suffice it to say that the Chateau Frontenac has won more awards than Frank Cricchio, Helen Yancy, Doug Box  and Don Emmerich put together.  Need I say more?

Et, c’est incroyable!! The view of Old Town Quebec is breathtaking from the hotel’s Governor’s Room, where we’ll spend our first evening together.

There is free wi-fi in your room if you are a member of the Fairmont Hotel Starwood Club. Our Tour Coordinator will help you with that so it won’t be an inconvenience to you.

Old Town is just down the hill (you can take the fun little funicular just steps outside the hotel), and walk just about everywhere in Quebec from the hotel.

BUT, LISTEN UP, BECAUSE THIS IS IMPORTANT: If you want to stay longer than the CCA dates, you need to get your reservation in RIGHT AWAY. Apparently, a big conference is coming in just after us, and rooms will be at regular rates if you aren’t booked well in advance.

Please use the link on this page to register. Simply complete the Conference Registration form for both the trip as well as your hotel reservations.  Check out the hotel at


Thanks again to Greg Rademacher for his beautiful photographic contributions to this blog!

Bon Voyage,

April Brandes

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  1. Don MacGregor said:

    When I was president of the Professional Photographers of Canada, I stayed at the Chateau. It truly is wonderful and the restaurants throughout are simply amazing. Very old buildings with character abound all through there.

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