Ken Whitmire Weighs in on Quebec…

Some of the first people who let us know they’re coming to Quebec were the Whitmires. I love that about Ken! Apparently, he hasn’t missed very many meetings over the years.

I got to wondering why CCA is so important to Ken, so I called him. He answered in a quick video (boy, Ken talks fast. He had a lot to say in 3 minutes!). I loved his response.

What about you? Why do YOU go?

Speaking of Quebec, it’s time for you to get registered. If you are going to Quebec, it’d be really helpful if we knew you were serious about going. Signing up is easy. I promise. Use the link on the sidebar of the blog.

See you there, mes amis.

  1. Carol said:

    Yes, yes!! We are so looking forward to Quebec. See you there.

  2. Greg Daniel said:

    What a wonderful and heart felt message! Lesa and I are planning on attending and hope to see everyone there…

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