Notice who’s missing?

I asked Mark what Cameracraftsmen trip he wishes he hadn’t missed. He immediately said Wales. For one thing, we’ve never been to Wales.  And, it was hosted by  Ron Turner and his lovely wife, Barbara -That in itself makes me a little sad, because we weren’t there to enjoy her and get to know her better.

From what we’ve heard, it was a pretty unforgettable experience.  I’ve seen old photographs from the trip, with great people like John Howell.  Remember how much he loved to dance?.

I hope the trip we are planning to Quebec will be remembered as something pretty incredible too, and for similar reasons:  Uniquely beautiful destination, general merriment, friendly competition, and those spontaneous conversations that come to mind years later because they were just what you needed at that moment and time.

I bet some of you were wondering why I posted this group photograph from the Wales trip.  I’ll tell you why:  it’s because Mark and I are missing, and we are a bit sad about that.

What about you?  Will YOU be in the group photo in Quebec 2012?  Will you be walking around the quaint little town with people who’ve grown dear to you through the years?

  1. As many of you know, Doug is TPPA Executive Director. This spring/summer CCA trip falls the week prior to TPPA’s Summer State Seminar in Kerrville. This is a very huge responsibility for Doug preparing for this event making it impossible to be in beautiful Quebec with all of you! You all will truly love it there! Doug and I went a few autumns ago, and was just beautiful! Godspeed to everyone and look forward to Cabo with all of you! Doug and LaVelda Box

  2. I’m sorry that you won’t be there, we will miss you both!!!

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