Bonus Blog!

Wasn’t it great to hear from Ken Whitnire on my blog a few weeks back?  Well, today we have a special Bonus.  That means you don’t HAVE to read this one. But I bet you won’t be able to resist.

After posting his video, Ken had a few more things to say.  I thought I’d pass them along to you.  Read his comments, and then post your own thoughts at the bottom of the page.

Thank you, Ken.  I have much to learn from you.  I think we all do.

No question that Wales was a great meeting.   You brought back some memories.   Aside from the wonderful tours, the historical sites like Lacock Abbey, Bath, the castles, and the little “Book Town”; there were, as always, those little “additional happenings” that linger forever.   One such incident, a rented carload of us decided on a little side trip to the Stone Hinge, which hadn’t been included in the itinerary.   We arrived after hours and it was locked up tight.  “No one ever gets in after closing time.  It’s a much too delicate, historical archival site.”   

Except we had Clay Blackmore with us.   He and a couple other fast talkers convinced them that we had previous permission from the higher up bureaucracy to do some official photography after hours, when there wasn’t so many tourists.   “Word was supposed to have gotten here an hour or two ago.   Must be a glitch in the new computer internet systems.”   I still marvel at it.   Five photographers, laden with tripods, cameras, lenses, etc., had that world famous archival site all to themselves for about twenty minutes as the light faded down.

And that little tavern we stopped at;…….The best beer in all of Europe!   Just ask Bob Stewart.   I know he remembers it fondly.   And, those narrow roads through the country side, driving on the left, meeting fast moving British “Sterling Moss” drivers in the dark; probably a good thing we had relaxed with the beer.

The Mexico trips were equally exciting, and it would be hard to beat the Alaska cruise.   I’m ready for that again, anytime.

Certainly, an exotic location is a good draw for attendance.   That shouldn’t be our reason for attending, though.   It should be a bonus, the icing on the cake.   The primary reason for attending is that we mandated ourselves (beginning in 1905) to get together yearly (twice yearly in the beginning), to collaborate ideas, and discuss and study the state of the profession, where it is going, and how we are going to help lead it there.… And, oh, any small countryside taverns or pubs up there?


Thanks, Greg Rademacher, for this unusual image from Quebec.  On one of my next blogs, I need each member’s 10  favorite Cameracraftsmen images….ever.  Won’t that be a great little slide show?

A bientot…



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