Thanks …

This being Thanksgiving week,  I was thinking that I should ask CCA members/spouses to post the names of Cameracraftsmen who have had a significant influence on their lives. Then it occurred to me that a public thank you is a lot different than a personal one. It’s not so much about all of YOU knowing that Lesa Daniel has encouraged me, but that she hears it from me in a personal way.

Cameracraftsmen has been a source of inspiration and encouragement for me, and I’m not even a member. Nevertheless, I have CCA friends, mentors and “heroes of creativity”, who don’t have any idea how important they are to me.

This is Thanksgiving week. It’s when Americans are supposed to remember who and what they are grateful for. Are there people (photographic artists or other friends) who’d be encouraged by a personal email, phone call, or (wow, how unique!) a hand-written note from you this week? Tell them.

And, if you don’t have anyone in CCA who you feel that way about, you need to be rethinking why you are in the group to begin with. I hope that’s not too harsh.

Have a wonderful, grateful Thanksgiving – all year long..

Avec la gratitude,


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