Ever Wonder Why You Were Invited to CCA?

I got to thinking the other day about why you go to CCA every year and why CCA is so important to you. But here is a different spin on the same question:

Why did you get invited in the first place?   Seriously, what makes you so special?

Does it occur to you that you’re an integral part of Camracraftsmen?   The members wanted to include people who they respected, who they saw as leaders in our wonderful industry, and who they wanted to spend a week with every year come rain or shine.  And they asked YOU.

So, while you ask yourself who YOU get to see, and what YOU get to show off in the Print Exchange, you  might also ask yourself who in CCA might be really hoping to see YOU.  Perhaps they’ve had a really tough year, and need you to encourage them.  Maybe someone has really grown creatively and needs to be reaffirmed.  Perhaps they need your leadership, or to hear your latest business success story.

You who are CCA members should be both humbled and proud to be a part of CCA.  And you can expect there will be plenty of ways for you give AND to take from your friends in Quebec, 2012.

Thanks again, Greg Rademacher, for this charming image from Quebec.

A bientot…


1 comment
  1. Avril,
    You put “0ur reason for being a group” so well!

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