Quick Answers to Important Questions

Some of you have asked some great questions about the trip.  I hope this helps you all:

Dates:  June 17-22.  We suggest you “get out of Dodge” before Saturday, June 23rd, as there is a pretty wild city-wide party that starts that day. Think Mardi Gras.

Registering:  Use the form to the right of this blog to register for the trip.  DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY.  We have negotiated great rates.

Deadline to register:   We are hoping to have a few extra rooms for those of you who simply can’t commit for a few more weeks.  I CANNOT MAKE ANY PROMISES AT THIS POINT that you will be able to stay with us at the hotel.

Need a roommate? Either post something on the Cameracraftsmen Facebook page, or send me an email. We’ll help you to find someone.

Prorate:  We are doing all we can to keep the prorate as low as possible.  Quebec is such a beautiful city with so many small restaurants.  We want you to experience the lovely little french restaurants with smaller groups of friends, so we only have a few meals planned together for the entire group.  You’ll love how this impacts your prorate.

Getting Around:  Quebec is a teeny tiny city, and there will be just 2 bus trips. There will be taxi service provided for those who can not easily walk where we will be going.

Clay Blackmore and i thought it would be fun for you to take a walk down memory lane to the Memphis trip a few years back.  I love that he put this together. Thanks, Clay!


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