As of this moment, there are nearly 60 people who are planning to be at CCA Quebec in June!  Quite honestly, I’m stunned.

It goes to show how much this group means to all of us.  People are going to no small effort to be there this year.  I’m sure the venue will be amazing. I know the town will be inspiring to all of us artists.  But mostly, what is coming across to me is that we want to be with each other because we need each other.  It’s not just sentimental words to say that we have lifelong friends in CCA.  It’s true.

We haven’t just gone to pretty places together. We’ve flown across the country to dance at weddings, and to celebrate big achievements in our industry (see CCA recent Facebook posts).  We’ve mourned together for those we’ve lost over the years.  We’ve stayed at each other’s houses, and we’ve stayed up late into the night encouraging each other when we’ve been down.  After all, that’s what friends do.

You may remember this video from Clay Blackmore.  I think it’s a wonderful tribute to friendship for us all.


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