What In the World is Going On?

Things are pretty screwy, if you ask me. And I bet a lot of us are trying to get a sense of the enormous changes we’ve all had in how we do business, where we find clients, and where our industry is headed.

We decided that one of the most helpful things we could do at CCA this year is to address this head on. Following Ken Whitmire’s advice, we’ve asked for help from within our membership. And so we are enormously happy that Tony Corbell has agreed to lend his wisdom. He will be leading a discussion about how we can do more than react to change, but that we actually play a significant role in helping our industry thrive in the years to come.

“The State of The Industry”
Tony will take us through a look at the photographic industry as it is today, where we came from and where we are headed. As technology has become such a driving force in the marketplace, the typical client/photographer relationship has changed and will never be the same. We must understand that the words “digital photography” need to be simply “photography” once again. We, as respected leaders of our industry, must embrace technology, uphold the standards by which we are governed and celebrate the new world of photography. There will be time for Q & A and general discussion based on the topics covered. Expect a lively and informative discussion.

I can’t wait. How about you?

  1. David Smith said:

    This is one more good reason to attend CCA this year. Get your questions ready, call and make reservations and we will all have a great time. Thanks Tony!

    • f said:

      Hello everyone, it is breaking my heart that I shall not be able to be at our meeting this year. I know this will be the meetings of meetings. But it really does not matter where we are. We always have a great time just being together.
      Today I see my heart Doctor and I hope to get a great report. My flower garden is calling for me to attend to them. I have garlic and red potatoes growing. I will soon be time to plant other vegetables.
      It was great seeing many of you in New Orleans. Isn’t that a great city with lots of romance and photo opportunities..
      About our future…
      We have been attenuating for years. But we keep getting better and better at our trade. We have to change technically with the times.
      The typewriter was replaced with the computer, but the novels are still being written.
      Remember when the camera was first invented, everyone thought that they could be instant artist, but it did not happen, because it was only a technical change. What is different today is that we have both technical and style change. We are selling an emotion (poetry) not an image. If we sell an image we lose

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