Hope and Inspiration

It’s dawning on me just how soon we’ll be heading for Quebec City.   I know it will be one of the best experiences of my summer….I hope it will be so for you, too.

I can’t remember whether past CCA events have had themes, but if we were to give one for this trip, it would be Hope and Inspiration.

It’s our desire that your time in Quebec will fill you with just that.

As you know, we’ve asked Tony Corbell to help us find our future in this industry that’s been turned completely upside down.  Won’t it be great to have the kind of vision that gives you hope?

As to inspiration?  Ann George will be joining us in Quebec.  She is an amazing photographer, and she faces struggles far greater than getting new clients.  As some of you know, Ann has MS.  She lives in a wheelchair, and from that vantage point she has traveled the world, creating breathtaking images.  The image above is titled Veiled Hope, and the one below is To the Market. We are in for an incredible, truly inspiring experience!  Want to see more?  Visit Ann’s website at http://www.anngeorgephotography.com

See you there in 3.5 months. I’ll try to remain patient until then.


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