Final Details People Want to Know

The Countdown Begins…

Now that all the details of our hotel reservations are completed, here are some helpful things about the exchange rate and other financial details you’ll want to know for our trip….

Exchanging Money:

The currency used in Quebec is the Canadian dollar. You might want to exchange your money before you arrive in Quebec, or when you get to town.  Remember that you tend to pay more at the currency exchange bureaus at the airport will  You can use American money, but the exchange rate is currently so low that it’s not worth it. Moreover, businesses have to give you the change back in Canadian dollars and they always keep a certain percentage for administration fees.

 Using your credit card:

Most of the boutiques and shops allow customers to pay with their credit cards or their bank cards. This is the safest way to pay. All the cities and towns have cash dispensers (ATM) where you can withdraw money from your bank account with your bank card or your credit card. Note that some administration fees might be taken from your account.


Gratuities in Quebec are not included in the prices. At the restaurant and in bars, 15% is the norm.  At the hotel, the bellboy and the baggage handler normally are awaiting a tip of $1 per piece of carried luggage.


Temperatures in Quebec at the time we plan to be there are 51-73 degrees, so plan accordingly.  And don’t forget that sunset won’t be until 8:45 on June 21st so we get to enjoy the longest day of the year together.

Getting to the hotel from the airport:

Reasonably priced taxi service is available from the airport.

And, don’t forget this last reminder:

Free Internet in your hotel if you are a member of the Fairmont President’s club. Take a moment to register now, and to check out the other benefits. It’s free!


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