Quebec 2012

Now that you’ve all planned for the logistics of this trip, it’s time to relax and get excited from a creative perspective. We think you’re going to love what we have planned for you!
Speaking of creative planning:
Joyce Wilson and others have helped plan an incrediible experience for us with Ann George, who will be a guest participant the whole week in Quebec City.  On Monday night,  Ann will be presenting her images and her creative perspective.  She will also be giving an optional photo assignment to be completed by Wednesday night.
Bring your camera …a cell phone camera could be a creative adventure ;-)…and be prepared to download, edit, tweak and give your image  to Joyce and Ann on a jump drive by 11 pm on Wednesday.  You’ll have two days to capture and prepare your image during our sightseeing adventues.
Joyce & Ann will share a special presentation and dialog of these images on Thursday after lunch. We’re hoping this experience will go down as one of the highlights of your creative adventures in 2012…and we have a special contest in mind as well…more on that later.
Arrival Welcome and Appetizers
Business meeting-Spouses tour Quebec City
Lunch at hotel
Show and Tell…complete with popcorn!
Dinner on your own
Ann George Presentation
Tour Baie St. Paul
Lunch and Chocolate Factory
Dinner on your own
Tour Ille d Orleans
Lunch and Cheese Factory
Montmorency Falls
Banquet at The Garrison Club
Business meeting
Lunch on your own
Review of CCA Images with Ann George and Joyce Wilson
Dinner on your own

We’re trying out some fresh ideas this year, and we think you’re gonna love it!

Your hosts,

Greg and Sally, Mark and April


The Countdown Begins…

Now that all the details of our hotel reservations are completed, here are some helpful things about the exchange rate and other financial details you’ll want to know for our trip….

Exchanging Money:

The currency used in Quebec is the Canadian dollar. You might want to exchange your money before you arrive in Quebec, or when you get to town.  Remember that you tend to pay more at the currency exchange bureaus at the airport will  You can use American money, but the exchange rate is currently so low that it’s not worth it. Moreover, businesses have to give you the change back in Canadian dollars and they always keep a certain percentage for administration fees.

 Using your credit card:

Most of the boutiques and shops allow customers to pay with their credit cards or their bank cards. This is the safest way to pay. All the cities and towns have cash dispensers (ATM) where you can withdraw money from your bank account with your bank card or your credit card. Note that some administration fees might be taken from your account.


Gratuities in Quebec are not included in the prices. At the restaurant and in bars, 15% is the norm.  At the hotel, the bellboy and the baggage handler normally are awaiting a tip of $1 per piece of carried luggage.


Temperatures in Quebec at the time we plan to be there are 51-73 degrees, so plan accordingly.  And don’t forget that sunset won’t be until 8:45 on June 21st so we get to enjoy the longest day of the year together.

Getting to the hotel from the airport:

Reasonably priced taxi service is available from the airport.

And, don’t forget this last reminder:

Free Internet in your hotel if you are a member of the Fairmont President’s club. Take a moment to register now, and to check out the other benefits. It’s free!

I’m sad to say that a couple of members have had to drop out of the Quebec trip this year.  This means that we can still accept a few people to join us in June.

This is bound to be welcome news to anyone who hasn’t signed up yet!

If you’ve been up in the air about the trip, I hope this will be the last little nudge you need to join us.  I have to release these rooms in early April, so let me know right away.

It’s going to be amazing.

J’adore Quebec!


Dear CCA family,

We hope you are all doing well. The Meeting in Quebec city is coming very fast, some of you have mentioned to us that you would like to come to the Vineyard. We would like to warmly invite you to a wine tasting with us at the Vineyard Côte de vaudreuil on June 16. This activity is optional, it is close by Montreal, so you would have to fly in Montreal Trudeau airport and take a bus to Quebec city and fly back home from Quebec after CCA. It will be our pleasure to help you with some hotel suggestions in Montreal if you need to. Let us know as soon as possible. Feel free to communicate with us for any additional information.

If you’d like to join us, please email us at

Warm regards.

Joseph and Louise

It’s dawning on me just how soon we’ll be heading for Quebec City.   I know it will be one of the best experiences of my summer….I hope it will be so for you, too.

I can’t remember whether past CCA events have had themes, but if we were to give one for this trip, it would be Hope and Inspiration.

It’s our desire that your time in Quebec will fill you with just that.

As you know, we’ve asked Tony Corbell to help us find our future in this industry that’s been turned completely upside down.  Won’t it be great to have the kind of vision that gives you hope?

As to inspiration?  Ann George will be joining us in Quebec.  She is an amazing photographer, and she faces struggles far greater than getting new clients.  As some of you know, Ann has MS.  She lives in a wheelchair, and from that vantage point she has traveled the world, creating breathtaking images.  The image above is titled Veiled Hope, and the one below is To the Market. We are in for an incredible, truly inspiring experience!  Want to see more?  Visit Ann’s website at

See you there in 3.5 months. I’ll try to remain patient until then.


Things are pretty screwy, if you ask me. And I bet a lot of us are trying to get a sense of the enormous changes we’ve all had in how we do business, where we find clients, and where our industry is headed.

We decided that one of the most helpful things we could do at CCA this year is to address this head on. Following Ken Whitmire’s advice, we’ve asked for help from within our membership. And so we are enormously happy that Tony Corbell has agreed to lend his wisdom. He will be leading a discussion about how we can do more than react to change, but that we actually play a significant role in helping our industry thrive in the years to come.

“The State of The Industry”
Tony will take us through a look at the photographic industry as it is today, where we came from and where we are headed. As technology has become such a driving force in the marketplace, the typical client/photographer relationship has changed and will never be the same. We must understand that the words “digital photography” need to be simply “photography” once again. We, as respected leaders of our industry, must embrace technology, uphold the standards by which we are governed and celebrate the new world of photography. There will be time for Q & A and general discussion based on the topics covered. Expect a lively and informative discussion.

I can’t wait. How about you?