Dear CCA family,

We hope you are all doing well. The Meeting in Quebec city is coming very fast, some of you have mentioned to us that you would like to come to the Vineyard. We would like to warmly invite you to a wine tasting with us at the Vineyard Côte de vaudreuil on June 16. This activity is optional, it is close by Montreal, so you would have to fly in Montreal Trudeau airport and take a bus to Quebec city and fly back home from Quebec after CCA. It will be our pleasure to help you with some hotel suggestions in Montreal if you need to. Let us know as soon as possible. Feel free to communicate with us for any additional information.

If you’d like to join us, please email us at

Warm regards.

Joseph and Louise


It’s dawning on me just how soon we’ll be heading for Quebec City.   I know it will be one of the best experiences of my summer….I hope it will be so for you, too.

I can’t remember whether past CCA events have had themes, but if we were to give one for this trip, it would be Hope and Inspiration.

It’s our desire that your time in Quebec will fill you with just that.

As you know, we’ve asked Tony Corbell to help us find our future in this industry that’s been turned completely upside down.  Won’t it be great to have the kind of vision that gives you hope?

As to inspiration?  Ann George will be joining us in Quebec.  She is an amazing photographer, and she faces struggles far greater than getting new clients.  As some of you know, Ann has MS.  She lives in a wheelchair, and from that vantage point she has traveled the world, creating breathtaking images.  The image above is titled Veiled Hope, and the one below is To the Market. We are in for an incredible, truly inspiring experience!  Want to see more?  Visit Ann’s website at

See you there in 3.5 months. I’ll try to remain patient until then.


Things are pretty screwy, if you ask me. And I bet a lot of us are trying to get a sense of the enormous changes we’ve all had in how we do business, where we find clients, and where our industry is headed.

We decided that one of the most helpful things we could do at CCA this year is to address this head on. Following Ken Whitmire’s advice, we’ve asked for help from within our membership. And so we are enormously happy that Tony Corbell has agreed to lend his wisdom. He will be leading a discussion about how we can do more than react to change, but that we actually play a significant role in helping our industry thrive in the years to come.

“The State of The Industry”
Tony will take us through a look at the photographic industry as it is today, where we came from and where we are headed. As technology has become such a driving force in the marketplace, the typical client/photographer relationship has changed and will never be the same. We must understand that the words “digital photography” need to be simply “photography” once again. We, as respected leaders of our industry, must embrace technology, uphold the standards by which we are governed and celebrate the new world of photography. There will be time for Q & A and general discussion based on the topics covered. Expect a lively and informative discussion.

I can’t wait. How about you?

As of this moment, there are nearly 60 people who are planning to be at CCA Quebec in June!  Quite honestly, I’m stunned.

It goes to show how much this group means to all of us.  People are going to no small effort to be there this year.  I’m sure the venue will be amazing. I know the town will be inspiring to all of us artists.  But mostly, what is coming across to me is that we want to be with each other because we need each other.  It’s not just sentimental words to say that we have lifelong friends in CCA.  It’s true.

We haven’t just gone to pretty places together. We’ve flown across the country to dance at weddings, and to celebrate big achievements in our industry (see CCA recent Facebook posts).  We’ve mourned together for those we’ve lost over the years.  We’ve stayed at each other’s houses, and we’ve stayed up late into the night encouraging each other when we’ve been down.  After all, that’s what friends do.

You may remember this video from Clay Blackmore.  I think it’s a wonderful tribute to friendship for us all.

As co-leaders of the Quebec trip, Greg and Sally Rademacher thought they should learn some French – they wanted to master such important phrases as  “Il y a une toilette près ici ?

Michael’s brief training session was so helpful to Greg and Sally that we thought we’d give you a chance to brush up on your French as well.

And remember, if you don’t Parlez Francaise, no worries.  With the Simones and Michael Thonpson in Quebec, I’m sure we will get along just fine.

Here’s some great news, too!  The Frontenac Chateau was kind enough to let us keep 5 rooms for a little longer so that those of you who were on the fence can jump over to the French side and come to Quebec.   Call me directly if you’d still like to register.



Some of you have asked some great questions about the trip.  I hope this helps you all:

Dates:  June 17-22.  We suggest you “get out of Dodge” before Saturday, June 23rd, as there is a pretty wild city-wide party that starts that day. Think Mardi Gras.

Registering:  Use the form to the right of this blog to register for the trip.  DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL DIRECTLY.  We have negotiated great rates.

Deadline to register:   We are hoping to have a few extra rooms for those of you who simply can’t commit for a few more weeks.  I CANNOT MAKE ANY PROMISES AT THIS POINT that you will be able to stay with us at the hotel.

Need a roommate? Either post something on the Cameracraftsmen Facebook page, or send me an email. We’ll help you to find someone.

Prorate:  We are doing all we can to keep the prorate as low as possible.  Quebec is such a beautiful city with so many small restaurants.  We want you to experience the lovely little french restaurants with smaller groups of friends, so we only have a few meals planned together for the entire group.  You’ll love how this impacts your prorate.

Getting Around:  Quebec is a teeny tiny city, and there will be just 2 bus trips. There will be taxi service provided for those who can not easily walk where we will be going.

Clay Blackmore and i thought it would be fun for you to take a walk down memory lane to the Memphis trip a few years back.  I love that he put this together. Thanks, Clay!

Hi everyone,

I feel a bit badly that I’m emailing you twice this week.  I even resorted to using an obnoxious headline to get you to read this today.    But there are a couple of things that I need to remind you about NOW:

1.  You need to get your registration in by December 31st if you’re going to Quebec!  Download the form (using the right sidebar on this page), type in your info and email it back to Dick, or to    IF YOU HAVE ANY DIFFICULTY DOWNLOADING THE PAGE, PLEASE CALL  ROGER IMMEDIATELY. Roger assures me that the form is working properly.  His phone number is 800 563 7248

2.  If you DON’T get registered in time, you probably won’t be staying with us at the beautiful Frontenac.  And THAT will be a real disappointment for us all. The hotel has asked us to release the rooms we will not be using.

3. And here’s your bonus for getting your registration in:   I asked Carol Andrews-Jensen to say a few words about Cameracraftsmen.  She wasn’t with us in St. Augustine.  I think you’ll enjoy what she has to say.

Have a Joyeux Noël, mes amis!